Friday, 24 February 2012

NROLFW week one tutorial

Some of us haven't received the book yet, others haven't had time to read it through. Some of us are completely befuddled by the program's structure. Others of us need to figure out how to adapt this to a home workout environment. Some of us think the instructions for prone jackknife were written in hyeroglyphics.

I'm going to attempt to help us all get started Monday morning with at least half a clue.

Stage one is is broken into days A and B. You will do each of these workouts a total of 8 times over the next six weeks or so. Ideally, you'll be lifting three times per week on non-consecutive days (M, W, F, for example). Monday would be workout A1, Wednesday workout B1, and Friday workout A2. The next week you would have two Bs and one A. 

So, Monday rolls around and you roll out of bed, ready to tackle workout A1. What exactly does that entail?

  1. Exercise A - Squats. 2 sets of 15 reps, with 60 seconds of rest in between and after sets. Choose the weights that work for you - heavy enough to be a real challenge, but not so heavy that you can't complete the reps in good form.
  2. Exercise B - alternatings sets of push-ups (modify to the hardest you can do with good form throughout) and seated rows*.  Again, 2 sets of 15 reps each, with 60 seconds of rest in between each set. What this actually means:
    1. perform 1st set of 15 push-ups; rest for 60 seconds.
    2. perform 1st set of rows; rest for 60 seconds.
    3. perform 2nd set of 15 push-ups; rest 60 seconds.
    4. perform 2nd set of 15 rows; rest for 60 seconds. move on to exercise C.
  3. Exercise C - alternating sets of step-ups** and prone jackknife***.  For the step-ups, it's 2 sets of 15 reps each. The prone jackknife, however, is 2 sets of 8 reps. In practice, exercise C looks like this:
    1. perform 1st set of 15 step-ups; rest for 60 seconds.
    2. perform 1st set of 8 prone jackknifes; rest for 60 seconds.
    3. perform 2nd set of 15 step-ups; rest for 60 seconds.
    4. perform 2nd set of 8 prone jackknifes; rest for 60 seconds. WORKOUT COMPLETE
* Seated Rows - This only works in a gym environment. If you're working out at home, or simply in a dumbbells-only scenario, you can substitute bent-over rows, or even one-arm rows if you prefer.

**Step-Ups - PLEASE  learn how to do these right! Protect your knees. They're the only pair you're ever going to have, unless you have really good insurance. The following video gives some helpful advice on how to do them safely, and also offers some add-ons for those of you that might be ready for more of a challenge.

*** Prone Jackknife - Another one that definitely needs some explanation. Don't be fooled by the guy in the video - he makes it look easy.

If you have any questions about certain exercises, I highly recommend searching YouTube for  some video demonstrations, especially the Livestrong videos. They are professionally done and very informative.

So, that's it from me today! I'll be back before Monday with a breakdown of your B workout, never fear. Do you have any questions that I can, in my bumbling way, help you answer? (Insert standard disclaimer here that I am not a professional anything.)


  1. Thanks so much for doing this! Should be interesting on Monday.

  2. I pretty much love you, K. There is no way my brain was going to wrap itself around that excel spreadsheet and put it into this. Time to dig out my stability ball.

    So Tuesday we should all be sore.

    1. Glad I could help! It'll be clearer once the book arrives, I'm sure. Love you too,by the way :)

  3. Karena,
    you are the bomb-diggity! I have the book and this just makes it so much clearer!
    I have to scout the gym. I am a bit nervous. eeeek.

    Tuesday, here I come!!

  4. You rock, Karena! I will be doing most of the workouts at home. Hopefully the weights we have here will work without having to buy more! Thanks for helping get over the fear of doing weights!

  5. OK, seriously, the closer to Tuesday we get the more nervous I get. I am not sure I can do all this in the gym. The prone jackknife especially, would it be lame to do that one at home until I am more comfortable.
    I am a little bit freaking out. what have I gotten myself into?!?!?

    1. Don't forget, this was all your idea!!

      I suppose you could do the jackknife at home, but I'd say why bother? None of the people at the gym are going to be looking at YOU. They'll all be too busy either looking at themselves, or worrying that other people are looking at them so avoiding eye contact. Maybe try the exercise out at home just to get the general feel, but don't be embarrassed to give it a go at the gym :)

    2. I know! I know! I am just having some self-doubt. I am so fat and out of shape. I am nervous. I will be fine, I am just having a mini-freak out.

  6. omg ty ty ty ty


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